Huntsville Stars Baseball 2009 Schedule and iCal for OS X, iPhone, and PC

We have a Milwaukee Brewers feeder team in Huntsville, Alabama called the Huntsville Stars.

I have put together their schedule in iCal format so that you can integrate their game schedule into your calendar on your Mac or import into other things like an iPhone.

You can subscribe at this link: Subscribe here (You may need a Mac. Sorry, PC users.)

You can directly view the calendar here: Browser Viewing

You can also download and import theHuntsville Stars 2009 Schedule into your calendar program.

I hope you enjoy.

Walt Disney World: Trip Planning

Karen and I have started discussing our plans for a trip to Walt Disney World.  Everything is up in the air, but our discussions have started.

Karen is wanting to shift back to our normal vacation time, which is during the International Food and Wine Festival, but we have points that must be used before June 1st.  I would like switch, but how is the question.

Also, I think Karen is wanting to start going less often in which case we will have to rethink our point usage.

Last Year

We have had a lot going on this past year with milestones going by, travel going everywhere, and more.  Many of the links below are into our photos which require the username and password of “friends” and “photos”.


This year we had more family in town for new year’s day dinner.  And, this was Katie Beth’s first new year day.

Karen’s niece, Lea Moore, visited with her boys, Aaron and Evan.  We had a visit from Karen’s sister, Sharon RonningDestanie Hull came to help with Katie Beth for a week.

My January blogging will have more highlights.


We celebrated Katie Beth’s first Valentine Day.  Katie Beth got to play in her first bubble bath, which was a lot of fun including eating the bubbles.

My February blogging will have more highlights including Karen’s surgery.


We cleaned our spa and Katie Beth decided to help.  We took some nice family pictures.  Katie Beth had her first St. Patrick day so we have her in green and happy.

We celebrated Katie Beth first Easter.  Katie Beth tried apple juice for the first time and she reacted in the funniest way.

My March blogging has few entries for this period.  I guess I was too busy with other things.


We had a great season of Huntsville Stars baseball and Katie Beth still loves going to the games and seeing Homer the mascot.  Katie Beth had her first TV appearance. We took Katie Beth to the Big Springs park in downtown Huntsville, Alabama to see the ducks and fish.

Katie Beth took her first steps.  We finally got back to hiking since having Katie Beth.  Katie Beth has started to feed herself.

We attended Decoration Day at Willis Chapel.

Near Willis Chapel

My April blogging will have more highlights including baseball and more.


We celebrated Karen’s niece’s college graduation.  Vikki Hull graduated from University of Alabama in Birmingham.  We celebrated Karen’s first mother’s day.

We took Katie Beth to Walt Disney World for her first visit, which included frequent blog updates over the trip. We celebrated Memorial Day with my parents and we took a family picture with Katie Beth in her sailor outfit.

My May blogging will give you more highlights of all the travel during this busy month.


Katie Beth has started learning how to feed herself with a spoon and fork.  We started summer time with lots of swimming at the pool.

We celebrated my first father’s day.  Katie Beth learned what fun can be had with chalk.

My June blogging is filled with posts about travel, baseball, beer, and many other things.


This month started out with Katie Beth’s big celebration of her first birthday.  We celebrated the 4th of July all day; starting with a family picture and then with Allison and Steve Tofflemire at the Huntsville Stars baseball game.

For the rest of July, we were in Colorado Springs for my work, but we had a great time at the Garden of the Gods, the Rodeo Parade, the parks, the Sky Soxs Baseball, celebrating Karen’s ½ birthday, the concerts in the park, Uncle Wilbur (you just have to see it), the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, more Sky Soxs Baseball, another concert in the park, and hiking in Palmer Park.

My July blogging has even more activities including more trip details.


We celebrated our 12 Anniversary.  My sister, Hope, came into town with her children, Hannah and Charlie.  We celebrated Everett Grayson’s birthday.

We had won a prize of free passes to Point Mallard in Decatur, Alabama, which we went to this month.  We celebrated my 42nd birthday.

My August blogging has even more highlights of this month including baseball, beer tastings, family and more.


Katie Beth is having a blast with our new bicycle seat for her.  We are trying to take a family portrait every few weeks.  Katie Beth moved up to the next size car seat and is facing forward.  We attended the annual Alexander family reunion.  We had great time at the Monte Sano Art Show with Katie Beth joining in on the jam session.  Katie Beth has developed her “mean” look face.

My September blogging has even more highlights for this month.


Katie Beth had her first visit to the emergency room, because she pulled down our large gum-ball machine on top of herself.  My work took us back to Colorado Springs so we played in the parks some and went hiking.

We had some snow while in Colorado Springs.  Katie Beth had her first Tootsie Pop.

We had time to play in the fall leaves.  We were in Colorado Spring for Halloween and we had a great time.

My October blogging was even more highlights including hiking, food, beer, and more.


We setup the Christmas tree earlier than normal, because we returned to Colorado Springs during November.  We traveled by Amtrak train and I made lots of posts to my blog while traveling.  We celebrated Thanksgiving day in Colorado Springs.

My November blogging show our trip to Colorado Springs via train and much more.


Karen made a snowman while we were in Colorado Springs.  Our trip to Colorado Springs came to an end.  We celebrated a lot of birthdays in December including my mother’s birthday, Karen’s birthday, and my father’s birthday.

Katie Beth was baptized.  The Karen’s family came into town to celebrate Katie Beth’s baptism and exchange Christmas gifts.  We celebrated our Christmas.

We joined my family for Christmas at my parent’s house.  My Aunt Becky came into town over the holidays.  We went to Allison and Steve Tofflemire’s house for their New Year’s Eve party.

The December blogging was highlights from our travels, the holidays, and more.

Water, Water, everywhere!

We started to work on our water heater and it turned into stopping the water damage. We were simply flushing our water heater, then we heard water pouring out of our ceiling behind us.

The faucets were open upstairs to let the water tank drain quicker, but we had left a drain closed in one sink. As we turned on the water to help stir the tank bottom, the water flowed upstairs easier than out the bottom of the tank.

We were filling the sink in the upstairs bath. Then, we started to fill the bathroom floor. Then, we started to fill the master bedroom. Then, we started to fill the hall and next bathroom.
The water got almost every towel wet so we really didn’t have anything to soak up the water. We filled a 30 gallon trash can with wet towels. Some furniture got wet feet, which had to be dried quickly to avoid staining the carpet.

The ceiling damage covers most of our den, which is directly below our master bathroom. We had water coming through from two areas that were about one square foot each, but we have water stains covering about three square feet.  The ceiling picture looks like it has shadows, but it is actually covered with wet spots, stains, and sagging ceiling.