Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

Couple selfie at Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration at Front of Cinderella Castle looking down Main Street
Front of Cinderella Castle Looking Down Main Street

We were lucky enough to find available days to attend Walt Disney World’s 50 Anniversary opening day. The crowds were crazy at the gate. The thing to purchase was the popcorn buckets shaped like balloons in red, green, yellow, or blue. It was crazy seeing people wait in the very long lines for popcorn or carrying around eight popcorn buckets.

We were excited to make it into the day one tent sale of “The Anniversary Collection” to purchased requested gifts and Annual Passholder items for us including pins. We also picked up the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Geometric Starbucks Tumbler, which had people almost fighting over them.

Restaurant interior view of Disney’s Space 220 restaurant.
Space 220 Restaurant Interior

Space 220 Restaurant had a soft opening that started the day we arrived in Walt Disney World. We learned no seatings were available. Later in the day, we stopped by to confirm the lack of seatings, but we found a line. We learned, on as able basis, they were sitting people in the bar area. After a long friendly wait chatting with others in the line, we were welcomed into Space 220. We learned about half capacity was not being used in the restaurant. People, from our line, were being seated in the dining and bar area with the full menu available to both areas. The food was amazing. We had the Blue Moon Cauliflower, Starry Calamari, Florida Red Snapper, and X2 Duck. We finished with Lemon Mousse and Mango Gelato.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure Entrance to Ride

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure was next up on our list. Being Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club, we frequently get early access to new attractions. Disney expanded The France pavilion to include new space for restaurants and the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction. It is a 3D motion ride from the perspective of Remy going through Gusteau’s famous restaurant.

Overall, it was a great trip to Walt Disney World with beautiful weather and reduced Covid restrictions.

Spring in Rome

StrawberriesThe weather has been great this Spring. We have been so busy, but we worked in a day of strawberry picking.

If we only had time to pick more as they are so tasty.

Katie Beth’s First Sailing Lesson

We had a great time today at Katie Beth’s first sailing lesson. The weather was nice, but initially the wind didn’t cooperate. It gave Katie Beth’s instructor, Buzz Cole, time to go back over sailing details and safety.

Once on the water, Katie Beth seemed to enjoy sailing. But, she got a bit excited when the sail boat really caught the wind and moved out. The water coming over the gunnel definitely got her excited.

We are looking forward to more sailing lessons.

5th Grade is Done

Katie Beth’s school year has come to an end. This school year has seen some huge changes, maybe too many. We transferred Katie Beth back to Holy Family School. There were many familiar faces and friends plus many new ones. The school is going through the throws of many changes for the good including expanding grades, advance classes, and much more.

But, we have been looking for houses in Rome, Georgia so Katie Beth can go to Darlington School were Hope is the principal of the K-8. In Decemeber, we found a house that would work for us. After the huge move, we started Katie Beth in Darlington School. The pressures of the move have taken their toll on all of us, but especially Katie Beth. She has done well with her grades and she has started to build new friendships.

New Life & New Town

Family and New HouseWe have moved to Rome, Georgia were Katie Beth will go to Darlington School. The school is were Hope is the principle of the K-8th grade portion of the K-12 grade school.

Hannah and Charlie have both attended Darlington and love it. Katie Beth has been wanting to go here as well. She is looking forward to seeing her cousins more along with Aunt Hope and Uncle Chuck.

Karen, Katie Beth, and I have been driving to Rome on a regular basis viewing houses. Some weeks have included 2 or 3 trips to Rome. Karen’s new car has a lot of miles on it to show for it.

We closed on our new house on December 22nd and we have lots of boxes to unpack.

Galaxy of Lights’ Walking Tour

We had a wonderful time touring the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Galaxy of Lights tonight.  The weather was a bit cold, but we had hot chocolate that warmed us on our walk.  Katie Beth’s classmate joined us and they had a wonderful time.

You can see all the photos here.  The username and password are “Friends” and “Photos”.

Fall Break is Awesome

SunsetWe are enjoying the sunsets and wonderful weather as we relax during this awesome Fall Break

Katie Beth is finding loads of children to play with ever time we visit the beach. She has been learning how to use a wakeboard and is getting better each day.

Karen is having a blast with her metal detector. She hasn’t struck the mother load, but she did come close finding someone’s lost wedding ring. Otherwise, she is finding coins, tent stakes, and trash.  It is amazing that people will bury all the beer cans that he or she has drank. Karen found 12 beer cans in one spot.  The wedding ring had been lost out in the gulf a few days prior to our available and it had washing up and was buried in the sand.  Karen was ever excited about the finding.

You can see more of our photos here.  The username and password are “Friends” and “Photos”.


The Start of Fall Break

Katie Beth’s Fall Break has started. We are having a small detour with a night of camping before we head to the beach. Our detour was caused by Hurricane Nate arriving this weekend.

Karen has had her heart set on returning to Lei Lani for Fall Break. She just loves the beach in early Fall. The water is warm and days are not the full heat of summer. It is funny because our last travel plans were canceled due Hurricane Irma hitting Florida.

But, the weather is great for camping so this will be prefect start to her break.

Shark Tooth Fossil Dig

We having a wonderful time digging for fossils. The weather is just awesome. Karen is in her element.

Katie Beth got to play with friends and dig in dirt and water.  What more could you want?