Learning Something New: Ruby on Rails

I have decided to learn something new. I have been wanting to learn more technologies related to developing and deploying databases to the web.

The hottest technology going for doing just that is Ruby on Rails. So I have had Karen order me the two best books on the subject: Agile Web Development with Rails and Rails Recipes.

As I understand, Ruby on Rails is built on the idea of build a little, test a little. The framework builds a shell, which gives you a minimal working structure that you can slowly replace with your own specifics.

The key negative that I have seen so far is that every example has depended on the specific version of Ruby and of Rails that you have installed. This does not look good, because it means the APIs and methods must be changing between every version.

Tasted Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale

Well, Karen and I decided to drink one of the Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale bottles.

We both enjoyed it. The beer has a very complex flavor. It is on the sweet side, but it is not overly sweet.

Karen hadn't had a beer in over a year due to being pregnant and nursing. She truly enjoyed it.

Prior to drinking the Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale, she had her first XXX Warlock Double Imperial Stout from Bristol Brewing Company. AT 18.4% ABV, this beer reminds me of a Port wine. Its flavors go well with chocolate, too.

Garmin Releases Apps for OS X

Last week, Garmin released beta versions of their Macintosh applications to support their GPS units.

They have five parts to their support.

Bobcat, which provides these capabilities:

  • Bobcat allows you to transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes between your Mac and Garmin device and manage your data using your Garmin maps.
  • Bobcat provides the ability to search for points of interest from the convenience of your Mac and then send the locations to your Garmin GPS.
  • Bobcat also serves as a backup tool for your Garmin GPS. You can receive all your waypoints, routes, and tracks from your GPS and Bobcat will save them automatically.

MapInstall, which installs maps onto your Garmin USB GPS devices and SD card readers.

MapManager, which copies maps and unlock codes into the right place to be accessible by Bobcat and MapInstall.

MapConverter, which converts Windows PC maps for migration to the Mac.

POI Loader, which is free software for your computer that lets you upload customized POIs to your compatible Garmin unit. POI Loader does not create customized POIs, nor is it software for your Garmin GPS. It simply gives you the ability to upload POIs created by others from your computer to your compatible Garmin — making it easy for you to navigate directly to these points of interest.

If you are Macintosh user and you have a Garmin GPS, I suggest you checkout Garmin's Apple-Mac Blog.

I enjoy my Garmin setup:

Silence on the Net

Well, I have learned that after you have a baby everything else in your life stops. The blogs and web site updates were quick to go by the way side. Evenings out on the town were expected to drop off, but they to have ended.

Having a baby will change your life.