Trick-or-TreatingKatie Beth had a wonderful time. We went just north of Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The area had lots of children, which Katie Beth enjoyed seeing. We even went in a haunted house.

Trip Winding Down

Our trip is starting to wind down here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We have been having a good time.

Katie Beth got to see snow again, but she didn’t like how cold it was.

Katie Beth was really started to play pretend.  She has been wrapping up things to put them to sleep.

I am sorry the picture is blurred, but camera phones and fast moving babies don’t work together well.

We have seen cool art like this abstract door, which is entitled “The Abstract Door”.  Wow, that is original.  Katie Beth is trying to close it.

We have played in the leaves of fall.

You can see more picture of Katie Beth playing in the leaves here.

La’au’s Taco Shop

La'au's Taco ShopWe had a great meal from La’au’s Taco Shop.  You can see in the picture our eight tacos being boxed up.  We ordered the combo, which gets you a fish, a beef, and chicken, and a pork taco.  We let our server pick our toppings and he had fun doing it.

Humpty Dumpty

Katie Beth found a new friend.

Katie Beth loved looking at Humpty Dumpty’s face. She pointed out all of the facial features on Humpty Dumpty and then point to them on herself.

Colorado Springs is full art work around town.

Mid Columbine Trail

Mid Columbine TrailWe are hiking this morning near Helen Hunt Falls. The weather is great with sun light coming through the trees. Katie Beth is enjoying the people and pets that we are meeting on the trail.

We even made it to the falls, which are beautiful. I’ll be posting pictures later.  We have hiked here before.

Our Princess

Our PrincessKatie Beth is enjoying another lemon while wearing her new outfit from Allison and Steve Tofflemire.

We are having a nice trip. My work is going well and I believe Karen and Katie Beth are having a good time, too.