What’s Happening

We had a good trip out to Colorado Springs.  The first signs of colds coming on had started, but we were not too affected by the colds.

We stopped in Chicago on Sunday, November 16th and froze.  We went to St. Patrick church, which was very pretty.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch on my co-workers associated with my project.  We even got dressed up pretty.

Thanksgiving Day

Katie Beth didn’t like that we woke her up prior to dinner, but she recovered quickly as went down to dinner.  Everyone seems to enjoy her at the social that followed.  I think we all enjoyed the social.

I didn’t have to work the Saturday or Sunday associated with Thanksgiving weekend.  On Saturday, we went to Castle Rock to go shopping at the outlet stores.  While Karen shopping for Katie Beth, I took Katie Beth to play in the snow.  She didn’t actual play, but she did walk through it.

You may have to listen closely, but I ask her in the video if she wants to pick up snow.  She says, “No!”

Meaning evenings we relax in the Antlers lobby and listen to the jazz music, which Katie Beth will dance to while we watch.

I will post more soon.  Katie Beth just woke up.  Sorry about the grammar and typos.

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