Nothing Like a Forced Vacation

The weather may have caused a ton of sadness and damage in Alabama, but it can sure cause you to make something nice out it.

Karen, Katie Beth, and I packed up the freezer and refrigerator contents. We loaded the car with everything frozen along with clothes and we headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama around 3:00 PM yesterday. Along the way, we arranged for a condo at Romar beach.

We stopped to transfer a lot of the frozen items to Sharon Ronning, Karen’s sister, so she could store it for us. Thanks, Sharon.

We got here around 1:00 AM this morning due all of the traffic and road repairs.

Everyone is very tired. Katie Beth and Karen are napping. I have purchased supplies as you can see from the picture.

We will be here through the power outage, which we have heard will likely be Monday at the earliest if not longer.

Easter Dinner is Slow Cooking

I have brisket and a slice of a leg of lamb with a very nice rub on each that is slow cooking on the smoker.

We have some mini-golden fingerling potatoes simmering on the stove, which will made into smash potatoes with heavy whipping. We haven’t started the green beans.

I just wish we had started the brisket sooner. We are pushing it up against dinner time.

Karen and I have made an apple crumb.

Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Easter Egg Hunt

Katie Beth and her friend Leah had a great time today at the Easter Egg Hunt.

All the children had a great time. We got cookies, tattoos, lemonade, stickers and more.

The hunting was great. Each age group was given different areas. Katie Beth and Leah both collected a lot of eggs.

The picture is of Katie Beth at her tree in the children’s garden.

Smoking Mahi Mahi

We are smoking in our Big Green Egg some Mahi Mahi.

We did an olive oil and garlic rub, which had a great aroma. I just hope it tastes great, too.

We have it smoking at 300 degrees, which is higher than I would normally smoke this fish. But, we would like to eat soon.

We will be eating it with a spinach salad and green beans.

Huntsville Stars Baseball 2011 Schedule

I have put together the Huntsville Stars’ schedule in iCal format so that you can integrate their game schedule into your calendar on your Mac, PC, or import into other things like an iPhone.You can subscribe at this link (good for iPhone, too): Subscribe hereYou can also download and import the Huntsville Stars 2011 into your calendar program.

Also, you can hop on over to Amazon and pickup a Huntsville Stars Cap and Jersey.

I hope you enjoy.

Fishing at UAH

Katie Beth is having an unbelieved time. We had no plans to fish, but it is Family Fun. It means you can fish.

Katie Beth found a stick and we spotted a hook and line. She wanted to make a fishing pole. It is hard to say, “No.”