Dinner with Hope

We headed to Bandito Burrito in Madison for dinner with my sister Hope. Hope is in town with her children, Hannah and Charlie.

We had a nice time chatting and Katie Beth loved the cheese dip as usual.

Another Wonderful Hike

We went out for another hike today to the burned down build located in Monte Sano State Park. We started at the parking area on Bankhead Parkway.

We heard two owls, we saw a large woodpecker, and we saw a lot of squirrels.

Katie Beth hiked the whole way, which was over 3.5 miles.
March 20, 2011 Hike

Humble Heart Farm

Katie Beth is having a wonderful time playing on the farm today at the open house. We even got some goat cheese, goat chops, and they gave us some free goat ice cream. Mmmm!

The goat is almost two weeks old in the picture.