Nothing Like a Forced Vacation

The weather may have caused a ton of sadness and damage in Alabama, but it can sure cause you to make something nice out it.

Karen, Katie Beth, and I packed up the freezer and refrigerator contents. We loaded the car with everything frozen along with clothes and we headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama around 3:00 PM yesterday. Along the way, we arranged for a condo at Romar beach.

We stopped to transfer a lot of the frozen items to Sharon Ronning, Karen’s sister, so she could store it for us. Thanks, Sharon.

We got here around 1:00 AM this morning due all of the traffic and road repairs.

Everyone is very tired. Katie Beth and Karen are napping. I have purchased supplies as you can see from the picture.

We will be here through the power outage, which we have heard will likely be Monday at the earliest if not longer.

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