Apples to Apples and Pizza

Apples to Apples and PizzaWe all had a great time telling stories while eating our veggie pizzas. Katie Beth had fun with everyone. My Uncle Tommy, in the picture, came up with Ann to join us for dinner and games.

We played Apple to Apples and we all had fun laughing at the cards people were playing.

Sand Everywhere

Sand EverywhereKatie Beth had a blast at the beach. We dug in the sand and ran into the surf. She ate sand and maybe some sea water.

She loved the hole I dug deep in the sand. She wanted inside the hole, but she didn’t like us pushing the sand back onto her. It was okay for her push the sand onto herself.

Ribs & Reds Restaurant for Quick Lunch

Ribs & Reds Restaurant for Quick LunchKatie Beth slept on the drive to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We are getting lunch. Karen is changing Katie Beth into beachwear while we wait on our food order.

Karen ordered Grouper and I order Royal Reds. Katie Beth will be sharing.

Oh, Katie Beth has started to say “cheese” when we want her to smile for a picture.

Relaxing Morning

Relaxing MorningWe have all had breakfast and we are enjoying the morning.

We are still deciding our plans for the day, but it will include water I’m sure. Aunt Ann and Uncle Alfred have suggested the Fairhope dock area, which was a lot to see.

Later tonight, my Uncle Tommy will join us for dinner.