Today's Session in the Alabama Senate and HB196 Update

Well, the Alabama Senate keep dragging their feet throughout the day trying to get the Food Tax Bill back on track at the expense of every other bill.

Senator Smitherman was filibustering every bill. The Democrats were requiring every bill to be read at length and full rolls called on the votes.

Free The Hops has bill HB196, the Gourmet Beer Bill, which is in the senate for approval. The bill was pulled from last night's calendar, because of all the issues in the senate.

So, the bill is on the schedule for Monday, May 19th. We need your support in getting this bill passed.

Next Monday, May 19th, the bill will be before the Alabama Senate, which will seek to allow Gourmet Beers in Alabama.

The bill only changes the law to allow beers to be treated in a similar manner as wine.

If you could, please contact your senator to tell them that you support the Gourmet Beer Bill, HB196. An email or quick phone call is all that I ask.

You can find your senator here: Simply enter your ZIP code in the box on the left hand side of the page to find out who your Senator is, then please call them about HB196, the Gourmet Beer Bill. A call is easy, because most representatives have a receptionist that take down your request and your done.

Thanks for your help,

Brian Allen


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