Easter in Blue Ridge: Day 1

We are off to spend Easter in Blue Ridge, Georgia and visit my sister, Hope, and her family for Easter dinner.

Katie Beth was excited that we had the car completely packed for the trip when we picked her up from school.  We made quick progress to Chattanooga, but traffic on the interstate through downtown was at a standstill.  We decided to stop in Chattanooga for dinner.

Karen saw that Moccasin Bend Brewing Company would be open so we headed to Crust Pizza to pick up some dinner to take to the brewery.  We ate and got 4 samples to try while Katie Beth played shuffle board for the first time.  The brewery has a very cool look inside and the back patio is great for playing games.

After finishing our samples and pizza, the traffic was gone.  We made our way onto Blue Ridge.  Our cabin is on Fightingtown Creek, which we truly enjoyed fishing and just hearing the water cascading over the rocks.  Being late, we couldn’t fully appreciate the view or creek.

Awesome day!

It’s an awesome day to be out in the treehouse. The weather is just super with the temperature at 77°F.

Hot salsa from Bandito Burrito is just perfect.

Ugliest Christmas Outfit

IMG_3097While on traveling to Colorado Springs, I happened to be in town during Bristol Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale release party, which included an Ugly Christmas Outfit contest.

I hit up the local thrift stores for ugly Christmas sweaters, but I had no luck. So, plan B was to make something. I found a tacky tree skirt and made a shirt and shorts for the party. The hotel front desk was able provide me a bunch of hotel sewing kits and a good pair of scissors. It took me a little over an hour and half to make them. I was hoping for pants, but it was enough work just getting a shirt and shorts. Also, I had already used up 3 or 4 sewing kits. I couldn’t see asking for even more kits.

The brewing staff loved the outfit. I won what they called “Free Beer for a Year”, which is actually just 24 growler fills and a growler bottle. And, a bomber of the Bristol Christmas Ale and pint glass with a Laughing Lab logo.

Smoked Trout and a Good Time

My first beer pairing dinner was very enjoyable this weekend. Karen helped out so much.

Here are the trout after being just put on the Big Green Egg cooker to be smoked. They turned out very tasty, but I wish they had been 100% bone free.

The Rotisserie Chicken Salad was very flavorful, but I made too much. Karen and I really loved the vinaigrette that I made for the salad.

The raspberry crisp was awesome. I am looking forward to making more of them especially with all of the apples around the here.

I'm hanging out at the Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a good place to meet your friends. The pizza is good, but it is on the sweet side for some.

Karen has crashed early for the night and Katie Beth is down, too.

So, I walked up to Mellow Mushroom to enjoy a beer. The customers are thinning out. The music is very 80’s and 70’s. Presently, it is a Police song, “Material World”.

I had Olde Towne’s Oktoberfest. It is a little too sweet, but it is not a malty sweet.

The Nook is on Facebook

The Nook has a Facebook page. If you become a fan of The Nook, you will get updates about what is going on at The Nook.

You can comment, post pictures, and even suggest beers. I think you can even review The Nook.

The Nook's 2nd Anniversary

The NookToday marks the second anniversary of my dad starting The Nook.

The place has come a long way from the smoking bar that it had been. Some people would have called it a seedy place. At first, The Nook had 40 different beers with about 6 on tap. Now, The Nook has 17 beers on tap and over 160 available with the list always growing.

Now, The Nook hosts many beer events such as beer releases, tastings, and more.

Most of the interior has been redone. The exterior is slowly being redone as well.

Here is the original sign, which was painted with a role paint brush.
The Nook

Going out for Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

I am heading to The Nook around 4 o’clock tomorrow to get some Weihenstephaner’s Hefe Weissbier, which is the highest rated beer available in Alabama. I am not sure what it says about the beer or Alabama.

But, I you can get some highly rated beers in Alabama as long as they don’t have over 6% ABV. You can read more about that problem here.

Come join me at The Nook.

Lakefront IPA

I just got done trying Lakefront IPA at The Nook. It was great. The head looked good. The hop smell and flavor are great. It was a well balanced beer.

I look forward to this being on tap full time at The Nook.