Going to Walt Disney World

first earsKaren and I are taking Katie Beth to Walt Disney World for her first time.  We are looking forward to all of it.  We have been learning about taking a baby on an airplane.  We have called Disney to learn about baby equipment that you can request for your Disney Vacation Club room.

Everyone keeps telling us that we should be taking Katie Beth into the parks, but we haven’t planned to do that because we are not sure what she would do in the parks.  But, my sister, Hope Jones, has indicated the Magic Kingdom would be wonderful for Katie Beth.  Many of the rides have no height, weight, or age requirements.  She thinks now is the right time, because it would get Katie Beth comfortable with rides so that she will not be scared when she is older.  Hope also thinks seeing the Disney characters now would help with Katie Beth being not scared when she is older.  Allison Tofflemire thinks we should take Katie Beth at least in the early morning to the Magic Kingdom to the Meets and Greets that takes place in front of the castle.  I think Karen is thinking about a day or two in the parks.  I think it would be fun riding the rides with Katie Beth.

You will be able to follow the action on my blog where I will be sending short photo updates via Flickr.