10 Years on the Job

It is hard to believe, but I have been working the same job for 10 years. This is the longest ever that I have worked on a single project or company for that matter.

It is contract work, and the contract has been going on for 10 year as of today, April 30th.

The company that I work for is throwing a party for everyone. It should be a blast given it will be at The Nook, which is a great place for beer.

Business Person's Special @ Huntsville Stars

Today, the Huntsville Stars let you in for half price and you can drop your business card into the hat for a chance at an outing for 20 people to a future Huntsville Stars game.

Any reason to skip out on work for baseball and beer sounds like a good thing.

The ball game starts at 12:05, but it has been move up to 11:05 due to last night’s game being rained out.

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Decoration Day @ Willis Chapel

We arrived early around 10 o'clock. We took Katie Beth down the logging road in the backpack carrier and learned that the land down the way had been sold. We turned back and walked further down Willis Chapel road to see what is to been seen. We found a field of tall grass and flowers. We took some good pictures of Katie Beth in the flowers and grass.

Everyone started arriving around 11:45.

The weather was good with rain on the way down, but no rain while we were at Willis Chapel.

We gave Aaron Moore his birthday gift. He turns 16 on April 30th. We gave him wallet and Guardian Angel. The Guardian Angel is something that you put on your sun visor to remind to drive safely.

Katie Beth loved playing in the rocks in the parking area.

Walt Disney World Trip Just Around the Corner

Karen and I will be taking Katie Beth to Walt Disney World in May and we have already started our planning. We are not going into the parks, because what would Katie Beth be able to do in the parks.

We are planning to spend time around the pools and small activities like putt-putt. We may go to the water parks, but we are not sure.

Day Game for Karen and Katie Beth

Karen and I were chatting today about going to tonight’s Huntsville Stars ballgame. Karen went to setup some tickets for us and learned the game was already in progress, because it was a day game.

Well, Karen was off and running to get Katie Beth packed up and loaded into the car with provisions.

Allison Tofflemire was already at the game. So, Karen and Katie Beth had someone to join for all the fun.

Karen said they had a great time and the Huntsville Stars won, too.

Visit to Big Spring

My wife (Karen Allen) and I took Katie Beth to see the ducks at Big Springs Park in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. She loved it to say the least.

Katherine even went so far as to step into the water with her shoes. Mind you, she doesn't walk so this was more of a stumble into the water. After her shoes got wet, we removed them and let her put her feet into the water. She didn't mind the cold at all. She kicked and splashed the water while laughing. Karen took lots of pictures so you should see some online soon.

Katherine enjoyed the ducks and fish. I wasn't sure what to expect for her reaction to the ducks. Every time I threw bread to the ducks she crawled after it and tried to put it in her mouth. She was even trying to get it out of the water. I think she liked the fish dibbling on her fingers in the water. Her excitement kept the ducks at safe distance that is safe for the ducks.

Double Header in the Cold

Karen, Katherine, and I headed over to Joe Davis Stadium to watch the Huntsville Stars play the Mississippi Braves in a double header.

It has cold with the temperatures in the mid-50’s. It has better than opening day, which was cold and windy. But, we were bundled up and stayed warm.

We enjoyed the game and picked up a book of “Pick-A-Day” tickets, which I think saves us a little money on future games. Oh, I almost forgot. We got free koozies at the game. Weee!

Tomorrows games looks to be better because the temperature is going to be around 76° F.

Opening Day for Baseball in Huntsville, Alabama

Well, the whole family is heading out to catch the opening game of the Huntsville Stars versus the Mississippi Braves. We need to get there early, because I believe they may be giving out T-shirts at the gate. Buffalo Rock & WTAK 106.1 FM are sponsoring the 2008 Schedule T-Shirt Giveaway.

Our baby girl, Katherine Elizabeth otherwise known as Katie Beth, went to games last year, but this year will be different. She is more active so we are not sure how long she will last before getting bored.

But, we hope to see the whole gang including Allison & Steve Tofflemire, Dave Gallaher, Anna Blair, and everyone else.