Paulaner Beer

Karen and I had good selection of Paulaner beer at Redstone MWR's Oktoberfest this year. This year selection was limited to Coors, Becks and Paulaner. Karen and I only sampled the Paulaner beers.

The Paulaner selection included Hefeweizen, Oktoberfest (so course), Salvator, and Premium Pils.

The Premium Pils was a full body pilsner.

The Hefe-Weizen was a cross between a Germany Pilsner and Hefeweizen. It was not too fruity and more lingering in the back of the mouth like a lager. Heavier than a typical Hefeweizen.

The Oktoberfest was malty with very little hop tones. Sweet aroma the prepares the mouth for the sweet maltiness. Similar to the a honey brown, but lighter sweetness and malt.

The Salvator was very malty as a dopple bock should be. It was not dark. Its taste clings to the palate.

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