Making Leaf Boats

We are having a busy day. Grandmother and Katie Beth are launching leaf boats into granddaddy’s pond.

We have been to breakfast at Blue Plate and to Starbucks for a snack.

And, we visited Godmomma Allison at her store.

Next, we are heading to the playground.

Hot Chocolate, A Perfect End to Playing Outside

Katie Beth is really enjoying the hot chocolate after our time outside at the playground. The camera doesn’t truly capture the amount of hot chocolate on her face.

We had a fun time cracking the ice at the playground, but I could not get her to stop putting her mittens in the icy water.

She fell a sleep quickly after all of today’s activities.

Playing in 26°F

We are making the best of the morning.

We started out with buttermilk pancakes, which were wonderful. I’m going start making buttermilk instead of regular pancakes. They are so much lighter and tastier.

Off to the swings!

U-Socket, weeee!

What wonderful addition to our kitchen! The U-Socket is basically a standard socket with integrated USB jacks for charging.

Now, we can get all the iPhone and iPad power adapters out of our kitchen while freeing up the outlets, too.

Life is good.

Playing in the Snow

We got the toboggan out and we have gone for a ride around the neighborhood.

Someone didn’t keep their hands out of the snow so they are not too happy.

The snow is great. I would say that we got around 8″ of the white stuff.

Our Big Little Lady

Katie Beth surprised us today. She has been asking to buy things at stores for some time now. We have been suggesting that she didn’t need the item or we would ask if she had some money to pay for the item.

Well today, we let her bring her wallet with her in her backpack. Her backpack is used to carry toys, coloring books, books, etc. to mass and her grandparent’s house so that she has things to entertain herself.

It started at church when the collection basket went by her. Katie Beth stopped it and opened her wallet and took out a dollar and proceeded to put it in the collection. She only had 5 dollars.

Then, we went to Krispy Kreme for donuts to take over to her grandparents. She wanted buy them for her grandparents. I let her know that donuts are too expensive. I said that she could purchase one for herself. I even explained that it would cost more than a dollar. She happily purchased three of the mini-donuts for $1.07. She put her receipt into her wallet along with her 93¢ of change.

How to Treat Your Wife

Karen is relaxing while I cook dinner. She is enjoying a chocolate sauce with apples, marshmallows, apricots, ginger snaps, and pretzel sticks for dipping. The Verdi Imperial Stout doesn’t hurt either.

Dinner is coming along nicely, too.