Our Big Little Lady

Katie Beth surprised us today. She has been asking to buy things at stores for some time now. We have been suggesting that she didn’t need the item or we would ask if she had some money to pay for the item.

Well today, we let her bring her wallet with her in her backpack. Her backpack is used to carry toys, coloring books, books, etc. to mass and her grandparent’s house so that she has things to entertain herself.

It started at church when the collection basket went by her. Katie Beth stopped it and opened her wallet and took out a dollar and proceeded to put it in the collection. She only had 5 dollars.

Then, we went to Krispy Kreme for donuts to take over to her grandparents. She wanted buy them for her grandparents. I let her know that donuts are too expensive. I said that she could purchase one for herself. I even explained that it would cost more than a dollar. She happily purchased three of the mini-donuts for $1.07. She put her receipt into her wallet along with her 93¢ of change.

3 Replies to “Our Big Little Lady”

  1. Oh my goodness, what a big girl she is becoming! Actually she has always been a big girl! She is definately my favorite little “big” girl around!

    Jill Lancaster

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