Hay Ride at Huntsville Botanical Garden

Hay Ride at Huntsville Botanical GardenWe are seeing all sort of things here today. We have seen butterflies everywhere throughout the garden.

We watered Katie Beth’s tree.

We went into the butterfly house, which didn’t have as many butterflies as the area outside the house.

We are now walking through the garden looking at all the scare crows on trails.

We stayed so long that we got locked in the garden. No one was left in the office, the doors were locked, and the parking lot was empty.

Baseball Season has Ended

We have had a great time this summer going to the Huntsville Stars.  We had never had season tickets before this season.  We had gotten these ticket from Katie Beth winning them in a bikini contest.  This summer was very hot for baseball, but we had a wonderful time with all our baseball friends.

We celebrated Katie Beth and my birthday at the ball park along with Karen’s ½ birthday.  We each got to throw out the first pitch and ride onto the field with team mascot as the “Fan of the Day” on our birthdays.

Beside going to the Huntsville Stars’ games, we got to see a Chattanooga Lookouts game while we were in Chattanooga.

We had a great time on July 3rd at Allison and Steve Tofflemire’s annual party.  Everyone enjoys the game, food, friends, and fireworks.  Katie Beth got to enjoy two sticks of cotton candy!

Cotton Candy

My sister, Hope, with her children, Hannah and Charlie, joined us for a couple of games during their summer visit.  Charlie got the run in the Dick’s Sporting Goods Race at both game and won each time.

Hope, Charlie, Hannah, and Katie Beth

Katie Beth received a Brewers dress from Godpoppa Stevie and Godmomma Allison from their trip to see the Brewers play in Milwaukee, WI.  Katie Beth looks great in it, too.


We are looking forward to next year’s season.

First Campout Morning

First Campout MorningWe watched “The Princess and the Frog” last night. Katie Beth wanted to have a movie marathon after the first movie ended around 10 something.

She is very sleepily this morning. Normally, she would have been up by now even with staying up so late.

It is something else sleeping in 1 1/2 man tent with a wiggly child. She moved all over the tent while sleeping.

I know Karen is still sleeping, because she would have come checked on us by now.

First Campout

First CampoutKatie Beth and I are camping out in the backyard. She is having a blast.

We have snacks, flashlights, Katie Beth’s doll, and movies on the iPad.

You can’t beat it.

Rainbow Mountain Trail Hike

Rainbow Mountain Trail HikeWe have climbed through and over rocks everywhere. We are hiking the Rainbow Mountain Loop trail. The weather is just super.

The Katie Beth got to pee outside on the trail. She thinks that is a woot!

We hiked about a mile and half. Katie Beth was in the carry most of the time. But, she climb the rocks and jump across rocks.

I think Karen was getting worked a little hard at some points. She did wonderful and looked great, too.

Huntsville Stars' Season Ending

Huntsville StarsWell, the Huntsville Stars’ season only has 4 days of games left starting tonight. We have enjoyed going to the games. But, they have worn us out a little since Katie Beth doesn’t like to sit and watch the game for long. She did have fun.

Katie Beth’s favorite player, Lorenzo Cain, got promoted all the way into the majors and is now playing for the Brewers. If you were ever at a Huntsville Stars game prior to him getting promoted would have surely heard Katie Beth shouting “Go Lo Cain!” It alway put a smile on his face.

The Huntsville Stars will be playing tonight starting at 7PM. Saturday’s game is a double header starting at 4PM. Sunday and Monday’s games start at 1PM. Come out and cheer on the Huntsville Stars as this could be your last chance.