Water, Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water, Water EverywhereIt seems that Katie Beth has been in every water fountain and water feature in downtown Chattanooga, TN.

Here she is painting the rocks with water.

The weather is great today.

Presently, we are heading back to the room to let Katie Beth nap prior to our next outing.

Creative Discovery Museum

Creative Discovery MuseumWe are climbing all over at the Creative Discovery Museum.

Katie Beth is having a blast. With all of the activities, she is almost running from one thing to the next.
Dinosaur Dig

The dig site is busy with all the discoveries that Paleontologist Katie Beth has found during today’s dig.

Good Food

Good FoodYou can’t beat good food.

Everyone is playing at Sherwood Park Pool and I have stopped in Bandito Burrito to get dinner.

Oscar is the owner of Bandito and he has a great crew cranking out the food.

Bags full of Grande and No Carne burritos are on their way to the pool.

Mike Salazar and my Goddaughter Stephanie

Mike Salazar and my Goddaughter StephanieMike Salazar came into town with his family: Stephanie, David, and John. We didn’t get to see April, but it is true what everyone say about Stephanie looking just like her mother, April.

April’s brother, Norman Patrick, came with his gang. Norman hasn’t changed a bit.

Stacy De Smet came with Paul, Alice, and Ben. Katie Beth just loves to see Alice and Ben.

We all got together at Mellow Mushroom in Providence so we could catch up. We all had a great time chatting. I wish Stephanie could have remembered Stacy and me, but she was just a baby when Mike and April moved to Texas.

Fans of the Day

Fans of the DayCharlie Jones and Katie Beth got to be the Fans of the Day at the Huntsville Stars’ baseball game. Being the Fan of the Day means that you get ride onto the field with Homer, the team mascot.

Charlie went on to throw out the first pitch and run in the Dick’s Sporting Goods race (and win, again).