Our Princess is Ready

Here Katie Beth is ready for Halloween.

She had a great time tonight. She topped it off with sleeping on the top bunk after getting to eat a few pieces of candy.

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Lo Cain’s Number One Fan

Katie Beth is such a fan of Lorenzo Cain (Lo Cain) of the Brewers and a former Huntsville Stars player. Steve and Allison Tofflemire surprised Katie Beth tonight with her very own Lo Cain shirt. This is a one of kind shirt that Allison and Steve had made. Lo Cain is the nickname that the players called Lorenzo Cain in Huntsville. The Huntsville fans started calling him this and it stuck, but the major league fans don’t really know him by this nickname.

Tonight, we all gathered to watch the second game of the world series and Allison and Steve couldn’t resist the opportunity to give Katie Beth this wonderful gift. Karen and I didn’t even know about the gift.

Even before going over to their home, Katie Beth was assuming that we would be seeing Lo Cain playing baseball so she started chanting, “Go Lo Cain!”

Thanks, Allison and Steve.

Home from the Great Smoky Mountains

We had a great time taking Katie Beth to the Smoky Mountains for her first time. The hiking was wonderful with all of the fall colors. We enjoyed our time to relax little, too.

You can check out all of the photos here
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Laurel Falls Trail and Beyond

We had a great hike to Laurel Falls and beyond. The fall was flowing with minimal water given the season. We made good progress with Katie Beth staying in her carrier until we reached the falls.

The high light of the hike was the virgin forest beyond the falls. We found a hollow log and Katie Beth climbed inside and laid down. We found a tree with base open to the other side so Katie Beth could climb through the middle of the tree.

We missed seeing the bear that had been hanging around the trail, but a lot of other people had seen it. A gentleman showed us his picture of walk up on a black bear on the same trail during the previous week. His first photo has shaky from being surprised.

On the Abrams Fall Trail

Abrams Fall TrailWe have checked out the creek anytime we got close, which is running really well today for the season. Katie Beth loved walking into the creek on the rocks. But, she still has little to no appreciation for the moss on the wet rocks. We got some good shots with the camera I hope.

Hopefully, we will make it to the falls, but we are moving slowly with frequent snacks and diversions. Katie Beth could be one of the dog in the movie UP. Squirrel!


Fall Colors in Great Smoky Mountains

The colors are just wonderful to see. The temperatures have been great even with Katie Beth saying it is too cold.

The pictures are from Cades Cove in the southern most part of the Great Smoky Mountains.

We are heading to Abrams Falls Trail to hike to the Abrams Fall. The hike should be nice. The distance is only around 2.4 mile there. We have a backpack child carrier to speed up the hike if we need it.

Beautiful Sunrise

Today’s sunrise was very beautiful. I rarely get to see the sunrise as it is dark as I get ready in the morning for work.

But, I was treated to a sunrise this morning as I walked down the hall at work today.

To be so beautiful, sunrises and sunsets are so fleeting. It would be neat to have the sky filled with these colors throughout the day.

Thornburg Visit

Katie Beth Allen and Jameson ThornburgJameson and Katie Beth had a great time visiting. Karen and I enjoyed our adult time with Jeff and Jessica, too.

Jameson and Katie Beth pretended the sandbox’s sand was snow and decorated the driveway with “snow” for Santa Claus.

The girls were big eaters tonight, too. It was like a competition on who would eat what and how much.