Huntsville Stars' Season Ending

Huntsville StarsWell, the Huntsville Stars’ season only has 4 days of games left starting tonight. We have enjoyed going to the games. But, they have worn us out a little since Katie Beth doesn’t like to sit and watch the game for long. She did have fun.

Katie Beth’s favorite player, Lorenzo Cain, got promoted all the way into the majors and is now playing for the Brewers. If you were ever at a Huntsville Stars game prior to him getting promoted would have surely heard Katie Beth shouting “Go Lo Cain!” It alway put a smile on his face.

The Huntsville Stars will be playing tonight starting at 7PM. Saturday’s game is a double header starting at 4PM. Sunday and Monday’s games start at 1PM. Come out and cheer on the Huntsville Stars as this could be your last chance.

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