Homeward Bound

Our trip is over.  My work went well.  Halloween was fun.  We are coming back with more than we started.

Karen had a great time shopping at the downtown thrift stores.  We planned for cool weather and had very harm weather.  So, Karen picked up a few warm weather clothing items.  Since we were going be in town for weeks, Karen picked up a few toys, too.  Well, my travel was extended so Karen was back at the thrift store to pick up a Halloween costume (a cat), which you can see in the Halloween picture below.

Our hotel had on no microwave so I picked up $10 microwave.  Karen has been loosing weight so her blue jeans were too big.  She made another trip to get blue jeans and donate her larger blue jeans.  We both pickup some books.  I guess you can tell that Karen and I love thrift stores.

We will be returning to Colorado Springs very soon so the Antlers Hilton is holding our microwave, a stroller, and a large box of things.

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