The Packing Has Started

Copyright ©2008 ROAD & TRAVEL MagazineYes, the packing has started as early as last week. This is serious given Katie Beth will be traveling via airplane for the first time. We have yet to get her to carry her own luggage, but we are working on it. Also, we are learning the issues with taking a baby on a plane. Karen would like to take a bottle of milk, but we have heard that it can be an issue. But, breast feeding on the plane would not be the best for Karen or Katie Beth.

© Disney Mickey MouseWe are taking Katie Beth to Walt Disney World, but we are not going into the parks. We think Katie Beth should be a little older before we take her into the parks.

We will be pool hopping for the first time on this trip. “Pool Hopping” you ask? Well, it is when you go to other resorts use their pool. Each resort has a different set of pools and themes, which makes it fun.

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