Sears TowerWe arrived in Chicago and made our way to the ticket counter so that we could pay the remainder of our ticket. We learned that Amtrak has a Sleeper Car Club Lounge. So, I dropped off Karen, Katherine, and our luggage in the lounge while I settled our tickets.

I spent so much time with the ticket agent, that Karen called to check on me twice. I finally settled our tickets. It looked like the agent kept redoing the paperwork. I am going to have to check my credit card bill to see what was going on behind that counter.

After settling up, we headed out into Chicago to see the Sears Tower. Well, the Sears Tower is tall. But, the viewing area was closed, because of the overcast sky and no visibility.

Katherine and MoneyWe headed over to the Federal Reserve Bank's Money Museum. On the way, we walked by the Chicago Board of Trade, which is where commodities are traded like corn, wheat, etc. At the Federal Reserve Bank, we got our picture taken with a million dollars in $100 bills and we took Katherine's picture over a bunch of coins.

As we headed back to Union Station, we stopped for lunch at the Corner Bakery in the Sears Tower.

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