Train Ride to Chicago

Rest At Aunt Becky'sMy aunts, Becky and Joy, sent us off from the Newbern train station. They were so nice to ride us to the train station. They stood on the train car’s platform waved as the trained pulled out of the station. It was so “black and white movie”. The picture is Katherine sleeping on Aunt Becky’s floor prior to us heading to the Newbern train station.

The train left the station almost as soon as it arrived. We had not gotten into our room before the train had pulled out of the station.

As we put our bags away, we could see that the pullman porter had already turned down our bed.

Katherine Elizabeth slept through most of the night in her car seat on the floor of the room.Katherine On The Train

The pullmen porter brought our breakfast to the room so we could get ready to disembark in Chicago.

As we neared Chicago, we could see the Sears Tower disappearing into the clouds. Wow! It sure is a tall building.

We arrived at Union Station, which is a famous land mark in Chicago.

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