Colorado Springs

Karen and Katherine enjoyed the heated pool at the Antlers Hilton. I have even been swimming after work with them.


Karen and Katherine enjoyed the heated pool at the Antlers Hilton.

We went to the Blue Star restaurant the night the we arrived. Karen had the blueberry salmon, which she loved. Katherine smiled at the hostess and waitress before falling a sleep at the tables. I had the pork shank; I looked like Henry the VIII. I had Bristol Brewing Company's Pumpkin Ale, which I enjoyed.


During the day, Karen and Katherine went shopping around downtown. She may have over done it, because her leg was hurting that night. There is a independent hobby and game shop. they have lots of models and adult games like Settlers of Canton and Ticket to Ride ( as well as other neat games and such. Like bow and arrow sets with suction cups. They looked like something from the 1950's.

We had pizza at Il Vicino. Karen had one of their homemade root beers while I had the real beer.


John and Kelly Smith invited us to join them at Jack Quinn's Irish Pub for dinner. I work with John. John wanted to take Kelly to hear the great Irish folk music. John and I both had the Irish Breakfast, which is great. Karen had the Fish and Chip. I believe Kelly had the Cottage Pie. John told us ghost stories.


I wrapped up my work today. I still have a few things to handle when I arrive back in Huntsville, but everything will come to a good end.

We had thought the Christmas Parade of Light was tonight, but it is tomorrow so we went to the Phantom Canyon for dinner. Katherine wanted attention and the restaurant was full of stimulus. Karen and I had to take turns with Katherine so that we could each eat.


We went to the Book Sleuth Store, which is were Karen loves to purchase used mystery books. The owner of the store gives Karen all sorts of ideas on new authors to try. He remembers books and authors and eccentricities such as pseudonyms authors use. We are bringing home a bag full of books including the latest Dick Francis in paperback., “Under Orders”.

The Christmas Parade of Lights is tonight so we decided to head back to Il Vicino for pizza, because the parade goes right in front. The parade is at night


We went driving to find snow to show Katherine. We ended driving up Pikes Peak and found snow around the 10 mile marker. We got some cute pictures of Katherine in the snow.

We decided to eat pizza again tonight, because we had a card for a free pizza so we decided three night wouldn't be that bad. And, we love pizza.

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