Harry Delugach’s Wine Tasting

Harry Delugach invited Karen and I to his wine tasting this past Friday. We had never been to a wine tasting. We are glad we went, because we had a great time. And, we got a meet Harry's sister Allison, too.

Harry had selected a set of wines from various regions of Spain. And, a number of the guests provided food. We brought a multi-layer dip with chips.

Harry had a form for everyone to take notes on what they thought of the wines as the tasting progressed. It was neat to compare what we all thought about a give wine. Someone may think of the wine as being too sweet while someone else thought it was dry. I think I would have been better prepared if I knew how to taste wines. I saw “Teach Yourself Wine Tasting” at Amazon which would have helped.

It was suggested that Karen and I host a beer tasting given how much we enjoy trying beers.

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