Returning the Treo 650

I have tried the Treo 650 for about a week, but I have decided to return the phone and cancel service with Cingular.

I decided to return the phone, because I know the 700 series Treo is due any day. The 650 has only 32MB of memory and from what I have read on the Internet this is a big limitation. I would really like a smaller phone. The Treo 650 weights twice as much as my Sony Ericcson T68i. The Treo 650 is too big to fit in a pair of jeans. Also, the phone was getting unlocked in my pocket.

The phone automatically locks and requires a two key method to unlock it. Appearently, it is very easy to press the two keys. You will be walking along and hear the phone activate.

I was able to get the data connection working with the laptop after some trial and error. I managed to get a speed of 100 kbps to 160kbps depending of signal strength in the Huntsville, Alabama area.

I just hope something better come along soon, because I am ready to switch away from T-Mobile.

Trying out Treo 650 and Cingular

Well, I have finally made the leap into trying another mobile phone carrier. I have been dealing with T-Mobile for years, but they have not had any phones that meet what I have been looking for in term of capabilities.

I have been wanting a phone that would support a faster data connection like EDGE, it should have bluetooth for connectivity to a Macintosh, and it should be able to sync to a Macintosh.

I have been using Sony Ericcson's T68i, which is a great phone. But, I want the faster data connections.

T-Mobile is lacking in coverage compared to Cingular and Verizon.

I am playing around with the Treo 650 and I like the faster EDGE connection. I have seen speeds as fast as 164kbps on the phone, but I want to confirm it with my PowerBook.

The Treo 650 has two big downsides: weight and age. The weight of the Treo 650 is over twice the weight of the T68i. The Treo 650 is about to be replaced by Palm with something in the 700 family, which will increase the memory and fix many other issues with the 650.

My plan is to try it for 30 days so I have not stopped my T-Mobile service.

Finally Home to a Rotting House

Well, the travelling has stopped for now. Karen and I extended our stay for a week at the gulf, but we are finally home.

Now, we get to work home repairs, because our siding installer informed us that the back of our house is rotting. We have three windows over our deck that have large amounts of rot around them. We are going to have to replace a lot of the wood structure prior to the siding being installed. Bummer!

Kick-n Back at Orange Beach

Aerial Photo of Thomas Alonzo's HouseWe have been kicking back at my Uncle Tommy’s place on an inland bay. The weather has been great. The picture is an aerial photo of his place. His house is the one with the white boat house and the white house near the water edge.

We are heading to the outlet center in Foley, Alabama this morning. When we return, I am going to be searing some sushi grade tuna for lunch.

Family Reunion at Orange Beach

LadiesEveryone had a great time at the reunion.  The main course was 40 pounds of shrimp which everyone enjoyed.  Of course, it was more food than we could eat.  Karen and I had left over shrimp the whole week.

The weather was great with a light breeze and the water was great.  Reynolds Powe water-skied for the first time; while, a number of the adults had see if they could still water-ski.

Karen and I stayed with Uncle Tommy for the whole week.  We had a blast boating out to the Middle Bay Light.

Family Reunion

Here some more pictures from the reunion, just click the picture to see them.