The Book Sleuth

My wife, Karen Allen, is running out of mystery books.  You never want the avid book reader in your life to run out of books.  Never fear, we have found a great mystery book store called the Book Sleuth, but it is in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Karen is in luck, because I travel to Colorado Springs on a regular basis.

Book MarkHelen C. Randal is the owner, but I will have to confess that Karen and I thought she was dead the first time we walked into the store.  She was slumped over and the book she was reading had fallen out of her hand.  Given a door bell rang as we entered, we argued for few minutes about who was going to check her vital signs.  This went on for a few minutes more, but we soon decided that we would make a large noise, which I am thankful to say she was not dead.

Lyman Mark manages the store for Helen.  Lyman must have read very book in the store.  You can barely describe a book that you are looking to purchase and Lyman will be able to put his hand right onto it.

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