Ugliest Christmas Outfit

IMG_3097While on traveling to Colorado Springs, I happened to be in town during Bristol Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale release party, which included an Ugly Christmas Outfit contest.

I hit up the local thrift stores for ugly Christmas sweaters, but I had no luck. So, plan B was to make something. I found a tacky tree skirt and made a shirt and shorts for the party. The hotel front desk was able provide me a bunch of hotel sewing kits and a good pair of scissors. It took me a little over an hour and half to make them. I was hoping for pants, but it was enough work just getting a shirt and shorts. Also, I had already used up 3 or 4 sewing kits. I couldn’t see asking for even more kits.

The brewing staff loved the outfit. I won what they called “Free Beer for a Year”, which is actually just 24 growler fills and a growler bottle. And, a bomber of the Bristol Christmas Ale and pint glass with a Laughing Lab logo.

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