Heading to the Yazoo Brewing Company Event

Yazoo Hop ProjectI am heading after work today to the Yazoo Brewing Company Event at The Nook in Huntsville, Alabama.

Yazoo has what they call their Hop Projects, which is a series of ever change batches of hoppy beers. The first of these to make it to The Nook was a Fresh Hop I.P.A, which was very well received. I think the keg was finished in about one hour and fifteen minutes.  Lushes. To quote the Yazoo Brewery representative:

Huntsville will always hold a special place in our hearts here at Yazoo.

Tonight, the Yazoo representative will be bringing Hop Project #10 and Hop Project #11 with #11 being to hoppier of the two beers.  The Nook is going to tap the first keg at 5PM and the second keg will be tapped after the first is finished. So, you need to stop by so I can get some of the second keg prior to having to head home.

Great Beer on my 42nd Birthday

Paulaner SalvatorWe decided to make a beer run on Saturday before my birthday. (Actually, I decided to make a beer run and let Karen have time to herself, but she didn’t want to miss anything so she joined Katie Beth and me.) We headed to Tennessee, because you can’t buy good beer in Alabama due to the dumb beer laws. (see http://www.freethehops.org/)

I picked up a number of beers including Paulaner Salvator, which we have had on draft at the Redstone Arsenal Oktoberfest. We loved it. I was looking forward to trying it, again.

It was great like I remembered. It was a nice birthday gift to myself.

Olde Towne Brewing Co. Back-In-Business

Olde Towne Brewing Co

The Olde Towne Brewing Co. is back in operation after recovering and rebuilding from a fire that stop production. They are rolling out in a big way over the next few weeks.

Here is what is going on:

Olde Towne Brewing Company Open House

Saturday, August 2, 2008, 4-8 pm

Olde Towne Brewing Company, 3200 Leeman Ferry, Huntsville, AL

Olde Towne Brewing Company would like to invite you to our open house in our new brewery at 3200 Leeman Ferry Road, just behind the Matrix. Plenty of parking, music, food and, of course, Olde Towne beer.

Olde Towne Tasting at The Nook

Monday, August 4, 2008, 5 pm

The Nook, 3305 Bob Wallace, Huntsville, AL

The Nook will host Olde Towne Brewing Company for a tasting of Olde Towne beers. Meet Don Alan Hankins, Olde Towne's founder and brewmaster, and enjoy Olde Towne beers. For more info, call 256-489-0911.

***New Date*** Olde Towne Tasting at 801 Franklin

Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 6-8 pm

801 Franklin, Huntsville, AL

801 Franklin is thrilled to welcome back Olde Towne Brewing Company! Join us at 801 for great food and Olde Towne Beer. $20 per person. For more details and reservations call 256-519-8019.

Olde Towne Brewing Company's Grand Re-Opening Party

Saturday, August 23, 2008, 5-11 pm

Lowe Mill, corner of Seminole & 9th Avenue, Huntsville, AL

Join us as we celebrate being back in business. Live music includes Walker Street Opry, Microwave Dave and the Turner Family Band. Admission is free and donations are greatly appreciated, with all proceeds being split between the Lowe Mill's Art Endeavors and Free the Hops. Bring your lawn chairs and have a great time under the stars at historic Lowe Mill. We'll have food, soft drinks and, of course, Olde Towne beer. Please join us for a great evening.

I hope to go by The Nook on Monday given my dad owns The Nook. I hope to see you there.

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Judge Baldwin's Brewing

Karen and I are kicking back after a long day at work for me and long of herding cats for her. (I should say cat as in Katie Beth our 1 year old baby.) We are hanging out in Colorado Springs and we are enjoying our time tonight with a couple beers from Judge Baldwin's Brewing.

The Beer Advocate rating for Judge Baldwin's Brewing is way too low. I understand why some people would give a low rating. The beers are of good quality. The prices are super, because they have a daily happy hour with $2 pints and during the week days happy hours starts up again at 9:00PM for $2 pints.

Appetizers are half price during the early happy hour.

Parking is a breeze with valet parking. The staff knows me by name and I am coming in from out of town just on business travel.

My wife is enjoyed the Raspberry Wheat while I am having the Dunkel. Our beers may have been improved by us taking them back to our top floor room with balcony and view of the city and mountains.

Read more about our brews here: https://www.brianallen.com/default/Brews/

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Rogue Promotional Items and More

Rogue Nation - Rise Up

The Rogue Brewery representative stopped in my dad's bar this week. The representative had promotional items include stickers, t-shirts, information cards, and more. But, I had to get one of these items. I will let you figure out what it is.

It works, because I drank some Rogue beers.

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Today's Session in the Alabama Senate and HB196 Update

Well, the Alabama Senate keep dragging their feet throughout the day trying to get the Food Tax Bill back on track at the expense of every other bill.

Senator Smitherman was filibustering every bill. The Democrats were requiring every bill to be read at length and full rolls called on the votes.

Free The Hops has bill HB196, the Gourmet Beer Bill, which is in the senate for approval. The bill was pulled from last night's calendar, because of all the issues in the senate.

So, the bill is on the schedule for Monday, May 19th. We need your support in getting this bill passed.

Next Monday, May 19th, the bill will be before the Alabama Senate, which will seek to allow Gourmet Beers in Alabama.

The bill only changes the law to allow beers to be treated in a similar manner as wine.

If you could, please contact your senator to tell them that you support the Gourmet Beer Bill, HB196. An email or quick phone call is all that I ask.

You can find your senator here: www.legislature.state.al.us. Simply enter your ZIP code in the box on the left hand side of the page to find out who your Senator is, then please call them about HB196, the Gourmet Beer Bill. A call is easy, because most representatives have a receptionist that take down your request and your done.

Thanks for your help,

Brian Allen


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HB196: The Gourmet Beer Bill in Alabama Senate

Well, today I am sitting hear listening the Alabama Senate Audio feed. It is hard to believe that we pay these people.

The group can have one person stop the whole process and that is what we are dealing with presently.

Smitherman had started filibustering every bill. With this being the last day, it will kill every bill. During this whole session, the senators have been fighting each and have not passed any bills until these last couple of days.

It looks like these actions will kill the Gourmet Beer Bill.

Any of the Free The Hops members are listening to the feed with me. It is killing us to hear this crap.

The latest issue is the Food Tax Bill. The bill is associated with removing the state sells tax on food while removing to exemption of Federal taxes from Alabama tax. It is basically a shift in taxes from the very poor to everyone else.

More to come…

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