Katie Beth’s Halloween Costume

Katie Beth as Professor McGonagallKatie Beth and many of her classmates decided to dress as many of the Harry Potter characters.  Katie Beth wanted to be Professor McGonagall.  Her friends dressed as Hogwarts students such as Hermione Granger (Claire) and Moaning Myrtle (Maddy).

Karen set out to make this costume with the sewing machine.  After searching for a bit, Karen found a pattern that would work.  Then, she realized Professor McGonagall doesn’t wear a cape, but a robe.  Karen was able to complete redesign the costume into the needed robe.  She did a very good job if I say so.  Someone, at a party, made Katie Beth a clay snake that Karen wrapped around a chopstick and baked firm to be Professor McGonagall’s wand.

Katie Beth as Professor McGonagallKatie Beth had a blast with the costume, but she didn’t want to keep it on as usual.

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