Natural Well Trail Hike

Natural WellWe went hiking this morning on the Natural Well trail in Monte Sano State Park.  The key feature of the trail is the Natural Well, which is a 191.5′ deep pit. I have never been in the pit, but I understand it features domes and a waterfall.

The weather was beautiful this morning with a light breeze and sunny so the light was dappling through the trees on fallen leaves. The fall colors were wonderful to see.

Katie Beth and Karen with Fall ColorWe hiked 1¾ miles to the pit opening. Along the way, we crossed a previous land slide, which was impressive to see the damage that can cause.  Karen spotted a large knocked down wasp nest and collected pieces for a art project. Katie Beth was collecting large leaves along the whole way.

You can see more photos here.  Remember, the username and password are “Friends” and “Photos”.


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