DeSote Falls and More

Desote Falls Overlook with Karen and Katie BethDay 1:

We headed east to the DeSote State Park to check out the area with the idea of purchasing property if we like the area. We started with lunch at a fun cafe called The Spot Coffee Shop. We had very tasty sandwiches and were reminded of hanging out years ago in cafes.

Our next stop was DeSote Falls, which is sad due to the lack of rain causing the waterfall to be a trickle of water. There is a beautiful view from top of the waterfall looking down stream.

After seeing the DeSote “Trickle” Falls, we headed to our first property to explore. We walked over three properties before heading back into town. The properties were a lot of fun to see. Sadly, many of the creeks, streams, and rivers were dry or trickles.

Flower Fountain As it was getting to late to see more properties, we headed to Fort Payne for dinner and arrived just in time for the Veterans Day Parade.  The parade was a lot of fun for Katie Beth. We found a great spot near the downtown park with a wonderful fountain. Katie Beth got super excited as some of the floats were throwing out candies.

We finished the night at Midtown Cafe & Grill which was very local. Everyone knew everyone. I had fried green tomatoes for the first time. I look forward to trying them, again.

Day 2:

Eagle Face PaintWe headed back for a second day of searching for properties in the area, but we stopped by DeSote State Park to see the “Creative Spirit Market” hosted by the Little River Art Council and DeSoto State Park.  Well, we never left the event. Katie Beth had a great time playing with the other children and even tried face painting without wiping it off for the whole event (not the norm).  She ended up playing most of the afternoon with one of the artist’s boy.  By the end, Katie Beth wanted setup her own booth selling origami. Karen enjoyed her adult time chatting with artist and locals.

We got a great restaurant suggestion of Vintage 1889. They have a great menu and they are located in a consigner’s market place so you can browse during your dining. Katie Beth enjoyed her flat bread pizza. Karen and I had sandwiches, which were also tasty. If you like beer or wine, they have the best selection we saw in the area. The sun was getting low in the sky by now.

Without much daylight, we decided to head back to Huntsville. On the trip back, Katie Beth said she would like to keep coming to the area.

You can see more photos here. Remember, the username and password are “Friends” and “Photos”.

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