Magicbands Tear DownYour Disney Magicbands for our Spring trip have arrived.  Katie Beth is tearing hers down to a smaller size.  These bands are our annual pass bands.

Annual Pass Magicbands We actually have 2 sets of bands already and another set on the way.

We have learned that the name given to the bands is just away to identify the band.  We had hoped it would be the name of the “person” as the system display the name of the rider.

Day with Charlie

2014-03-26 at 10-42-00Katie Beth’s cousin, Charlie, visited for the day.  Charlie and Katie Beth built forts inside.

2014-03-26 at 14-16-23When I came home, they were playing outside and we had a game of tag.  Running from two children can make you tire quickly.

Learning Band Loom

Band LoomCharlie taught Katie Beth how to use her band loom to make bracelets, while Karen and I chatted with Hope.

Hope was so excited about her new job and moving closer to home.

You can see more photos here.

Grilling at The Nook

Grilling Chicken WingsWe joined my parents at The Nook for grilled chicken wings.  Karen decided it was fun to do the grilling while I kept her plied with beer samples.

IMG_0834Later, my parents had to run to pick up my sister, Hope, and her children.  They all came back to join us.