Lowe’s Claw Game Workshop

Building Claw GameToday, Katie Beth got to make a really cool wood craft at Lowe’s.  It is a Claw Game with little prizes for the inside and an actual claw to catch them.

You can see more photos here, but I missed capturing the finally built Claw Game in action.  The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.

Snow Play

TobogganWell, the snow has continued and Karen is excited, but because I am not going into work.  We got serious and pulled out all of the sleds and toboggan.  After we had a couple practice runs on the driveway, Katie Beth was ready to the neighborhood hill.

But, if the toboggan got too fast, Katie Beth still wanted to brake with her hands.  It was nice meeting some neighbors and pulling kids on the sleds and toboggan.

The day ended in the hot tub.

You can see more pictures here. The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.

Snow Day!

Snow and SleddingKatie Beth got a snow day!  She is very excited, but the road very passable so I am off to work.  Karen and Katie Beth played in the snow.

We have a few photos that you can see here.  The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.

Lowe’s Workshop Heart Card Holder

Lowe's Workshop Card HolderThis weekend, Katie Beth got to build a Heart Shaped Card holder at Lowe’s.  As simple as this design was, it turned out to be hard to line up all the parts and associated nail holes.

Now, she is ready for Valentine’s Day.

You can see more photos here.  The username and password are “friends” and “photos”.