Uncle Wilber Fountain

Katie Beth is loving and hating it. A lot of fun in the water. But, the water is ice cold and the wind is just a blowing.

Uncle Wilber Fountain is a dancing water fountain named after a man that gave music to the children of Colorado Springs.

Barr Camp

We had a great hike today to Barr Camp. We hiked from about 6,500 feet to 10,200 feet. We hiked 7 miles up to the camp and another 7 back down to Manitou Springs. The parking in Manitou Springs was so bad that we had to walk another mile to our the car.

The scenery was just wonderful. The temperature was hot in the beginning, but the temperature cooled off nicely.

This was Katie Beth’s first time to Barr Camp. She said it was a lot of fun. Carrying Katie Beth turned into a experience to say the least.SPRINTGPS_Hiking_2011-06-25_16-01

Dinner with Daddy

Katie Beth and I are hanging tonight while Karen relaxes. We are hanging at Il Vicino here on Tejon in downtown Colorado Springs.

The weather is super.

We are having a blast. The music associated with Pikes Peak Race is great. I think I’m in the deep south based on the amount of southern rock being cranked out by the bands.

Like I said, “Life is good!”

Enjoying Fine Dinning at Nosh

Katie Beth has hit her groove here at Nosh in downtown Colorado Springs.

Karen and I had the Ahi Tuna Burger from the Happier Mondays menu, but Karen’s was san bun. We all shared Lentil Hummus with vegetables and Lahvosh crackers. The chilled soup of the day was Mellon soup, which could have been made as a slushy it was so good.

Katie Beth jumped at the chance to eat the edamame.

We finished with the wonderful House with the Works, which includes Sugar Bacon, Canded Nuts, Apples, and Labna.

But, the dessert menu just arrived at the table. I expect damage.

Well, we are finishing with beers for our dessert. Katie Beth is getting ice cream.

A Night Away from the Work

The work trip has been good, but the hours have been long. We are having a night out thanks to Stuart who won a party at the Fox and Hound here in Colorado Springs.

We all had a great time with the food and friends.

Flourless Chocolate Tart

Karen and Katie Beth are enjoying the good life.

Flourless is the way to go when you have our chocolate cake.

The Barbershop Brown Ale by Il Vicino went well with the Flourless Chocolate cake.