Our Cat and Homer

We are having a great time here at the Huntsville Stars’ baseball game. The heat and humidity could almost kill you.

We could be getting free ball tonight with the score bring zero-zero in the top of the seventh.

Katie Beth and Chuck “Chuckie” Caufield

We have been away for over a month, but we got to come home to a Huntsville Star’s double header. Karen is still recovering from being sick. So, I took Katie Beth to the game.

Beside getting see all of our baseball friends, Katie Beth got to visit with Chuckie between games. She had Chuckie sign one of her baseballs. Chuckie lend over and gave Katie Beth a big hug. Chuckie asked where she had been for so long, because he had missed hearing her in the crowd. (Katie Beth loves to shouting “Go Chuckie” when Chuckie comes up to bat.) Chuckie asked Katie Beth when she is going to throw out another first pitch.

What a 4th of July!

We started by panning for gold. I know I saw sparkles in my pan, but we had to get to hiking Helen Hunt Falls.

But, it all ended with the police ordering a forced evacuation of the area due a forest fire. And, the car wouldn’t start so a park range drove us to the Golden Bee.

Over head, we have seen fire retardant planes flying.

Our Hertz agents don’t know how to get us another rental car without getting their car back. We explained where their car was and they are still wondering what to do.

Well, we continue relax at the Golden Bee. Some of us are really relaxing.SPRINTGPS_Hiking_2011-07-04_18-53