First Dentist Visit

First Dentist VisitKatie Beth did great during her first visit to the dentist. She liked all of the tools. She has been to the dentist office with us before but this was her first appointment.

She sat in my lap while they cleaned my teeth. She loved climbing up close to look in my mouth while everything was happening.

Picking Flower

Picking FlowerKatie Beth always enjoys picking flowers. These are for Karen.

Karen and her friend Lucy are out walking while Katie Beth and I have been bicycling around.

We have been picking flowers and finding fossils of crinoid segments in the creek bank.

Time with Grandmother

Katie Beth enjoyed spending time with her Grandmother this weekend.

Katie Beth feed the fish in the pond, climbed a tree in the yard, and pretended to mow the lawn with her toy lawn mower.

Katie Beth even helped cut up a limb from a tree and then haul it to the street.