Great Memorial Day Weekend

Great Memorial Day WeekendWe have had a super weekend so far.

Katie Beth played with grandmother, Aunt Faith, and Joana at the playground.

We went to Stacy De Smet’s party. We had a great time in the pool and
seeing the farm animals.

We headed to the baseball game and saw fireworks, too.

Elephant Ride on Peanut with Godmomma Allison

Katie Beth and Godmomma Allison road Peanut at the carnival next door to Joe Davis Stadium.

Allison has always wanted to ride an elephant and when she heard about this opportunity she jumped at it.

Katie Beth enjoyed the ride, too. But, I think she was more excited about petting the ducks, goats, sheep, rams, and cows.

Catching Fish in Indian Creek

Catching Fish in Indian CreekKatie Beth is having a great time looking at the fish in Indian Creek. She brought her fish net, which is actually an aquarium fish net.

I helped little to avoid her actually walking into the creek in her attempt to catch the fish.

I guess that I can now start looking for toddler waders.

Heading Back from Three Caves

Heading Back from Three CavesKatie Beth was a trooper. She hiked a few miles to the caves just to learn they were closed. Bummer!

She hiked back a ⅓ of the way before she was too tired. She slept for a mile on my back, which made for some serious exercise for me.

A Good Day Hiking

Skipping Work for Baseball

Skipping Work for BaseballWe are having a super time in the sun watching the Huntsville Stars baseball.

You should be here.

By the way, this is one of Katie Beth’s funny faces. I don’t have the heart to tell her that is not funny.

The Joy of Having Children

The Joy of Having ChildrenKaren and I are enjoying the benefits of having a child more and more each and every day.

Who would have thought that you could have them clean out your fireplace.

We are going to start calling her Cinderella.