Playing in the Woods

Playing in the WoodsWe are out hiking through the woods near our house.

Katie Beth is having a great time limbing over logs and collecting leaves for her mommy.

We are about to start turning over logs to look and see.

Our Little Vet

Our Little VetKaren got out our drug store quality stethoscope and Katie Beth has been playing doctor or veterinary all day.

Katie Beth has had each of us laydown so she hear our hearts and any other internal sounds. She got to hear my mummy growl.

Our cat has been a good sport, too.

What Katie Beth was Doing Instead of Napping

What Katie Beth was Doing Instead of NappingShe became a hippie when we weren’t watching – hair band, tattoos, and a WDW 1st visit pen on her.

She got into every drawer in the room. She pulled down all of the books that she could reach. If she had matches, she may have been planning on burning the book. We just don’t know.

And, she trashed her room. I guess this is her being a conscientious objector.

Our Hippie

Dr. Katie Beth

Dr. Katie BethKaren has taken Katie Beth to Sci-Quest today for one of their day programs. Katie Beth is seen here in her roll as Dr. Katie Beth. Note: the stethoscope is not in her ears.

I appreciate the little boy letting Katie Beth checking out his heart.

Her First Puzzle

Her First PuzzleKatie Beth did her first puzzle without help.

Karen got her started with the four corners, but Katie Beth went on to
put in the remaining 20 something pieces while we made dinner.