Disney Trip Plan: Coming Along

Our trip planning is coming along. Today, we saw the price on the airlines tickets jump up and the number of seats go down to two.

So, we booked our Delta Airlines tickets and our onsite rental car. The car rental was cheaper than previous years, but Karen is very good at finding deals and coupons.

And tonight, I arranged travel with Disney’s Magical Express, which is the way to travel from the Orlando airport to Walt Disney World.

The excitement is building for our trip. We even watched Ratatouille, which Katie Beth loved.


Fingerpaints!Katie Beth had a blast fingerpainting. She didn’t want to wait for me to replace the paper and she didn’t understand that the paper was the surface to be painted. She keep wanting to paint the plates which were acting as her paint palettes.

The painting came to an end after her dirty hands got to her. (She does like her hands too dirty.) I managed to get her clean without getting paint on anything else in the house.

More pictures will me online here www.katiebeth.info/

The Ladies are Working

The Ladies are WorkingKaren is researching a new HVAC system for the downstairs, because our unit failed. Thankfully, it is warm outside this week.

Katie Beth is playing with a new Crayola set, which is huge. She received it last night from my parents. They won it during the Silent Auction this past weekend.

The Crayola sets includes paints, PlayDoh, an easel, computer draw system, all kinds of crayons, and much, much more.

Katie Beth wants to be next to her mother while she was “working”.