Heading to the Yazoo Brewing Company Event

Yazoo Hop ProjectI am heading after work today to the Yazoo Brewing Company Event at The Nook in Huntsville, Alabama.

Yazoo has what they call their Hop Projects, which is a series of ever change batches of hoppy beers. The first of these to make it to The Nook was a Fresh Hop I.P.A, which was very well received. I think the keg was finished in about one hour and fifteen minutes.  Lushes. To quote the Yazoo Brewery representative:

Huntsville will always hold a special place in our hearts here at Yazoo.

Tonight, the Yazoo representative will be bringing Hop Project #10 and Hop Project #11 with #11 being to hoppier of the two beers.  The Nook is going to tap the first keg at 5PM and the second keg will be tapped after the first is finished. So, you need to stop by so I can get some of the second keg prior to having to head home.