The Nook is Coming A Long

As I have indicated before, my dad purchased a bar. He has been in the process of making the changes he wants to the bar over past few weeks.
Direct Draw 5 Keg Draft Cooler
This week is big for changes at the bar. On Tuesday, his direct draw cooler arrived. Direct draw cooler is beverage industry speak for draft beer cooler with taps on top. This addition will give the bar up to eight beers on draft and room for storage, which will be great. I hate going to a bar or restaurant to learn that they are out of beer.

Glass Door MerchandisersToday, the Glass Door Merchandisers arrived. Glass Door Merchandisers is industry speak for refrigerators with glass doors. He wanted the selection of beers to be highly visible to the staff and customers. They are replacing Deep Well Bottle Coolers, which are the coolers normally behind a bar with siding top doors.

He has a moving company down there today helping setup the equipment. Because, the equipment has to be lifted over the bar and it weights over 400 pounds.

He is hoping to have the coolers all stocked by tomorrow.

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