Memorial Day

Well, it is time to kick back and fire up the grill all while remembering those who gave us this freedom.

I could drink a Freedom Ale from Tun Tavern, which would seem appropriate. Or, I could drink something from Yuengling, which is the oldest American brewery.

Hamburgers are the correct food for day.

Larry Woellhart at The Nook

Larry Woellhart played at The Nook last night and the place was packed. With Larry performing, we put out the word in order to introduce a lot of people to The Nook. We had invited coworkers, friends, and the Huntsville Free The Hops group.

Everyone enjoyed Larry's music. My dad indicated that Larry was the exact type of performer that he was looking for his bar. My dad is wanting to have a bar with entertainment start directly after works. He doesn't like the idea of a band starting up around 9 o'clock at night.

The Free The Hops guys and gals enjoyed the great beer select. To quote Dan of Free The Hops,

“Well, a few of us checked out the Nook last night, and I was pretty impressed. They are off to a great start with this place. The beer list was impressive for Huntsville, and the place is clean and non-smoking.”

Karen, my pregnany wife, got to show off her growing belly. Most of our friends know she pregnant, but they haven't seen her.

I know that I had fun. It was great get together.

The staff at The Nook was overwhelmed a little, but Betty and Beverly keep up with the pace.