Heading to The Nook with the Buds

After work, I am heading to The Nook with friends from work. I think it is good to get out. Because, I know that I will be doing less of this in the future.

I want to introduce some of my coworkers to The Nook especially now that the beer selection is improving. I just hope the beer selection continues to improve.

The Nook is Coming A Long

As I have indicated before, my dad purchased a bar. He has been in the process of making the changes he wants to the bar over past few weeks.
Direct Draw 5 Keg Draft Cooler
This week is big for changes at the bar. On Tuesday, his direct draw cooler arrived. Direct draw cooler is beverage industry speak for draft beer cooler with taps on top. This addition will give the bar up to eight beers on draft and room for storage, which will be great. I hate going to a bar or restaurant to learn that they are out of beer.

Glass Door MerchandisersToday, the Glass Door Merchandisers arrived. Glass Door Merchandisers is industry speak for refrigerators with glass doors. He wanted the selection of beers to be highly visible to the staff and customers. They are replacing Deep Well Bottle Coolers, which are the coolers normally behind a bar with siding top doors.

He has a moving company down there today helping setup the equipment. Because, the equipment has to be lifted over the bar and it weights over 400 pounds.

He is hoping to have the coolers all stocked by tomorrow.

Updating My Blues Collection

I decided to expand my blues collection, which is sorely lacking. I knew that I needed to focus on the classics so I started looking for who are the must haves.

I came up with a number of names, but these three stuck out: Sonny Boy Williamson [II], Elmore James, and Muddy Waters. Once I decided on who I was adding to my collection, I needed to decide what albums I was going to purchase. I searched iTunes and Amazon. After looking forever, I decided a collect was the right answer.

I decided on the Chess 50th Anniversary Collections of Sonny Boy Williamson and Muddy Waters. For Elmore James, I selected The Sky is Crying: The History of Elmore James collection.

While doing all of this searching, I ran across a number of good collection album in the “Milliennium Collection” series. I just couldn't pass on the “The Best of Blues Guitar” and “The Best of Blues Rock Songbook“.

Here are links to the albums on iTunes:

His Best : Sonny Boy Williamson [II]

The Sky is Crying : Elmore James

The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection: Muddy Waters – His Best, 1947 to 1955

20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Blues Guitar

20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of Blues Rock Songbook

Now, I can turn my focus onto more current blues talent like Sue Foley.

– Brian Allen