Knoxville Brewers’ Jam

Karen and I had feared that the weather was going to be freezing, but it turned out great.  We hadn’t been in the gate for minute before running into Kris Lutz of Community Shares, which puts on the festival.  Community Shares is an outreach organization the east Tennessee area.

We talked to guys from Foothill Brewing of Winston-Salem to congratulate them on their Gold Medal at the recent Great American Beer Festival competition.

Community Shares had arranged for accommodations at the Knoxville Hilton, which were super.  We had view of a Tennessee river, access to the concierge room, walking distance to Market Square, and walking distance to the festival.

The music was much better this year, but the band started later and later throughout the day.  This caused the last band, “The Everybodyfields”, start around 7:30 PM when the beer tents where told to stop serving.

Speaking of beer tents, we like the new layout of the the food and beer tents.  The beer ran out early at many tents just like last year.

Karen and I talked with Matthew Chiaro of the Knoxville News Sentinel.  We ended up in his article about the beer festival.  You read it here.


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