Great Food Tonight @ Blue Star in Colorado Springs

I stopped by the Blue Star in Colorado Springs for dinner tonight.


The food was super. I had the almond rosemary crusted salmon with honey worchestershire sauce, which had a crisp top from the time under the broiler. The only problem with the dish was that the vegetables went under the broiler, too. Think blacken vegetables, but I didn’t want vegetables. I was looking for fish and it was great!

I had a Belgian Wit Beer, which went well with the fish. A Wit beer is a Belgian style wheat beer. Where “Wit” means white from the light color of the wheat beer has. If you are having fish, you should think of wheat beers when you are looking for a beer to go with your meal.

– Brian Allen

Il Vicino Stops On-site Brewing in Colorado Springs

Il Vicino has removing all of its brewing equipment from its Colorado Springs location. The brewing has been out sourced to Bristol Brewing Company, which is located only 16 block away on the same street.

This situation is good and bad. Il Vicino's brewer is now selling real-estate, which is a bummer. But, Bristol knows how to handling contract brewing and they make a consistent product.

I have always enjoyed Il Vicino's beers. The variety has declined over the years. At one time, I had heard that Il Vicino only had part-time brewer until this recent one.

A new era for Il Vicino.

Heading to Wonderful Colorado Springs

My work will be taking me back to Colorado Springs, soon. I just hope the weather is good. I heard they are recoving from 2 feet of snow!

I will have to take my camera to capture some snow pictures while I am out hiking.

I hope to stop by the Bristol Brewing for a cold beer and Pikes Perk for coffee, but not on the same day.