Mission Bell Inn

Tonight, I dined at the Mission Bell Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The weather did not permit us to dine outside, but the restaurant has a nice patio. The same family has been been operating the restaurant since 1962.

I decided to try the Cimarron, which consisted of three cheese enchiladas covered in green chile and sides of rice and refries beans. The meal was lead by a tostada as a salad. The green chile was great over the enchiladas. Our server was lost at performing her job. She was only handling three tables, but she didn't refill drinks even with empty glasses all over the table.

Overall, I enjoyed the food except for a hair issue. The other servers seem very good when compared to ours. The decoration throughout the restaurant were very nice. I would good back again for the patio, which looked so nice and inviting.


178 Crystal park Road

Manitou Springs, Co 80829

(719) 685-9089

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