Disney Vacation Club

Karen and I have taken the big step and joined the Disney Vacation Club. We are very excited and already thinking about future vacations.

We have hopes that we will be able to have family and friend join us on our trip. We have purchased an interest large enough that we can make a large ten day trip or two 5 day trips.

In the past, we have already taken Karen's niece's daugther Destanie. She had a blast.

If you have interest in joining Disney Vacation Club, you can use my name and receive the big discount on joining. The discount is something around 15% presently.

Kegged Last Night

Karen and I kegged our bock beer last night. We still have one beer working. And, I expect that we will be kegging it this weekend. But, the beer is still going strong.

We still have not found all of our Mini Kegs, but they should turn up some day.