Getting Close to Kegging Day!

Our beers have been working nicely for some time now. We have one that has all, but stopped so that means only one thing.

Time to keg that beer!

I would be kegging it today, but I determined that I was out of CO2. (You need to fill the keg with CO2 prior to filling in order to remove the air.)

Normally, I keg my beer in soda kegs. This time, I had wanted to use Fass Frisch Mini Kegs which hold about 1 1/3 gallons. I received these as a gift years ago from my mother, but I have never used them. I am missing the bung which seals the keg. I may have to switch back to using my soda kegs, but I want to try these mini kegs so that I could take keg to parties. “Have beer will travel” has always been my idea planning ahead.